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gift, Fused Dichroic Glass Badge Reel - CNA



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Beautiful, fused glassunique fused glassand fused glassfunctional fused glass... fused glasswear fused glassyour fused glassID/badge fused glasswith fused glassflair. fused glass fused glassKiln-fused fused glassdichroic fused glasscabochon fused glassattached fused glassto fused glassa fused glassnew fused glassretractable fused glassbadge fused glassreel. fused glassThe fused glasscab fused glasswas fused glasshandmade fused glassin fused glassour fused glassstudio fused glassusing fused glassdichroic fused glassglass fused glasswith fused glassvibrant fused glassshimmers fused glassof fused glassblue, fused glassaqua, fused glasspink, fused glasssilver, fused glassred, fused glassand fused glassgold fused glasshand-etched fused glasson fused glassa fused glassblack fused glassglass fused glassbackground. fused glassA fused glassfun, fused glassunique fused glassand fused glassstunning fused glassway fused glassto fused glassdisplay fused glassyour fused glassID, fused glassas fused glassthe fused glassdichro fused glassgives fused glassthis fused glassID fused glassholder fused glassdepth, fused glassdimension fused glassand fused glasssparkle. fused glass fused glassCab fused glassis fused glasssecured fused glass(epoxy) fused glassto fused glassa fused glass1.25 fused glassinch fused glassblack fused glasscolored fused glassreel.\r\rMultiple fused glassphotos fused glasstaken fused glassfrom fused glassdifferent fused glassangles fused glassto fused glassdemonstrate fused glasshow fused glassthe fused glassdichroic fused glassglass fused glasschanges fused glassbased fused glasson fused glassthe fused glasslight fused glassand fused glassangle fused glass...\r\rShipping fused glassinsurance fused glassand fused glasstracking fused glassincluded.\r\rPlease fused glasscontact fused glassus fused glasswith fused glassany fused glassquestions fused glass... fused glassThanks, fused glassKris\r\rTo fused glassview fused glassother fused glassitems fused glassin fused glassour fused glassshop: fused glass fused glasshttp://www.chneos.

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