Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

asian influence, Natural Jadeite Light Celadon Green Jade Necklace (7056)



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Description: multi colorNatural multi colorJadeite multi colorCeladon multi colorGreen multi colorJade multi colorNecklace, multi colorintricate multi colorcarving multi colorof multi color"turtle", multi coloruntreated multi colorhigh multi colorquality multi colorjade, multi colorhandmadeColor: multi colorLight multi colorCeladon multi colorGreenLength multi colorof multi colorNecklace: multi color13.75 multi colorinchesPendant multi colorSize: multi colorL1.5" multi colorx multi colorW0.9" multi colorx multi colorD0.5"(Ref. multi color# multi color7056)(All multi colorSales multi colorare multi colorFinal. multi colorSee multi colorReturn multi colorPolicy. multi colorWe multi coloronly multi colorsell multi colorwhat multi colorwe multi colorhave multi colorin multi colorour multi colorinventory. multi colorNo multi colorNew multi colorSupply.)Free multi colorShipping multi colorto multi color48 multi colorContinental multi colorStates. multi color multi color(Hawaii, multi color multi colorAlaska multi colorand multi colorinternational multi colorbuyers multi colorwill multi colorpay multi colortheir multi colorown multi colorfreight multi colorand multi colorhandling multi colorfee.)Our multi colorbusiness multi colorlocation:13950 multi colorN.Stemmons multi colorFreewayFarmers multi colorBranch, multi colorTX multi color75234Tel: multi color972-243-7888

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