Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

delicate bracelet, Convertible Wrap Bracelet or Necklace



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Convertible white braceletWrap white braceletBracelet white braceletor white braceletNecklace, white braceletBridesmaids white braceletGifts, white braceletWinter white braceletWedding white braceletJewelry, white braceletWhite white braceletPearl white braceletWrap white braceletBracelet, white braceletMoonstone white braceletBraceletMaterial: white braceletfreshwater white braceletpearl, white braceletmoonstone white braceletbeads, white braceletcrystals, white braceletsilk white braceletthreadMeasurement: white bracelet50"-54" white braceletlongColor white bracelet: white braceletwhite(Convertible white bracelet: white braceletWrap white braceletbracelet- white braceletor white bracelet- white braceletdouble white braceletstrand white braceletnecklace white bracelet- white braceletor white bracelet- white braceletbridal white bracelethalo)

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