Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

multi color, Beaded Spiral Earrings Oxidized Solid Copper with Oval Aurora Borealis Glass Bead



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These hand forgedsimple hand forgedbut hand forgedelegant hand forgedearrings hand forgedare hand forgedso hand forgedflattering! hand forgedEntirely hand forgedhandcrafted hand forgedof hand forged18 hand forgedgauge hand forgedround hand forgedcopper hand forgedwire, hand forgedthey hand forgedhave hand forgedbeen hand forgedtreated hand forgedwith hand forgeda hand forgedpatina hand forgedto hand forgedgive hand forgeda hand forgedlovely, hand forgedaged hand forgedeffect hand forgedto hand forgedthe hand forgedcopper. hand forgedA hand forgedspiral hand forgedis hand forgedtopped hand forgedwith hand forgedan hand forgedoval hand forgedaurora hand forgedborealis hand forgedbead, hand forgedadding hand forgeda hand forgedshimmer hand forgedof hand forgedcolor hand forgedto hand forgedthe hand forgeddramatic, hand forgedbut hand forgedsimple, hand forgeddesign.Copper hand forgedis hand forgeda hand forgedmetal hand forgedthat hand forgedhas hand forgeda hand forgedwarm hand forgedand hand forgedflattering hand forgedglow, hand forgedand hand forgedseems hand forgedto hand forgedenhance hand forgedso hand forgedmany hand forgedcolors. hand forgedThe hand forgedaged hand forgedfinish hand forgedis hand forgedthe hand forgedperfect hand forgedcontrast hand forgedand hand forgedcomplement hand forgedto hand forgedthe hand forgedaurora hand forgedborealis hand forgedbeads. hand forged(unfortunately, hand forgedthe hand forgedpictures hand forgeddon't hand forgedshow hand forgedoff hand forgedthe hand forgedlovely hand forgedcolors hand forgedin hand forgedthe hand forgedmetal hand forgedand hand forgedthe hand forgedstones)The hand forgedearwire hand forgedmeasures hand forged1", hand forgedwidth hand forgedis hand forged5/16".The hand forgedpatina hand forgedjust hand forgedbecomes hand forgedmore hand forgedlovely hand forgedwith hand forgedage, hand forgedso hand forgedno hand forgedpolishing hand forgedis hand forgedrequired. hand forgedYou hand forgedneed hand forgedto hand forgedsimply hand forgedwear hand forgedthem hand forgedand hand forgedenjoy! hand forged(and hand forgeddelight hand forgedin hand forgedthe hand forgedcompliments)Shipped hand forgedin hand forgeda hand forgedlovely hand forgedvelvet hand forgedpouch hand forgedand hand forgedgift hand forgedbox.

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