Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

fused glass, Black Lace PenDot - your choice



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Fun snapnew snapsnap snapjewelry! snap snapHere snapis snapa snapbeautiful snapfused snapglass snapcabochon, snaphand snapmade snapin snapour snapstudio snap... snapwe snapcall snapthem snappenDots. snap snapThe snapcab snapis snapsecurely snapattached snap(epoxy) snapto snapa snapsnap, snapmaking snapit snapinterchangeable. snap snapThis snaplisting snapincludes snapcab snapalone, snapor snapadd snapyour snapchoice snapof snapbadge snapreel, snapbracelet, snapbutterfly snapnecklace, snapheart snapnecklace snapor snapstunning snapfiligree snapnecklace.The snapcab snaphas snapbeautiful snapshades snapof snappink, snapteal, snapblue, snaplilac, snapwhite, snapblack snapand snapclear snapglass snapswirling snapto snapcreate snapa snapone-of-a-kind snapdesign. snap snapCab snapis snapapprox snap1 snapinch snapround, snapfits snapstandard, snap18-20mm snapsnap snappieces. snapYour snapchoice snapto snapadd:1) snapSnap snapBadge snapReel: snap snapSilver snapmetal snapfloral snapdesign snapmeasure snapapproximately snap1.25 snapinches snapround, snapthat snaphouses snapa snapretractable snap20 snapinch snapreel snapfor snapyour snapwork snapID2) snapSnap snapBracelet: snapBeautiful snapsilver snapmetal snapcuff snapbracelet snapwith snapfiligree snapdesign snapwith snappretty snapCZ snapaccents, snapmeasures snap3 snapinches snapwide snapand snap2 snapinches snaptall snapwith snapa snapstrong snapmagnetic snapclosure snapon snapthe snapside.3) snapButterfly snapsnap snapnecklace: snap snapSilver snapmetal snapbutterfly snappendant snapis snap~ snap2 snapinches snapwide snapby snap1.5 snapinches snaptall, snapand snapincludes snapa snap24 snapinch snapsnake snapchain snapnecklace.4) snapHeart snapsnap snapnecklace: snap snapElegant snapsilver snapmetal snapheart snapwith snapCZ snapaccents, snapmeasuring snap~1.5 snapinches snapwide snapby snap2 snapinches snaplong, snapwith snapdelicate snap18 snapinch snapsnake snapchain snapnecklace.5) snapFiligree snapsnap snapnecklace: snap snapFeminine snapyet snapstrong snapsilver snapmetal snapfiligree snapdesign snapwith snaphinged snapfiligree snapbail snapmeasures snap1.25 snapinches snapwide snapby snap2 snapinches snaplong, snapwith snap23 snapinch snaprolo snapchain.We snapship snapour snapjewelry snapin snapan snapattractive snapjewelers snapdisplay snapbox, snapready snapfor snapgift-giving.Multiple snapphotos snaptaken snapfrom snapdifferent snapangles snapto snapdemonstrate snapthe snapcolors snapand snapfeel snapof snapthe snappendant. snapPlease snapnote snapyour snapmonitor snapmay snapdisplay snapcolors snapdifferently. snap snapLast snapphoto snapis snapof snapthe snapback snapof snapthe snappendant.Shipping snapinsurance snapand snaptracking snapprovided.Contact snapus snapwith snapany snapquestions snap... snapThanks, snapKrisTo snapview snapadditional snapitems snapin snapour snapshop: snap snaphttp://www.chneos.

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